Tori Amos: Music has always been healing for me

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“Music has always been healing for me, since I was little. I can really be in pain, then listen to or play music, and I feel things…ease. I feel the music play me, so that I become an instrument that it plays.”

Tori Amos performing during her Dew Drop Tour in 1996
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Uplifting Quotes About Music and Life

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As you may know, I love to collect inspirational quotes!  You’ll find them in my Twitter stream.  You’ll hear them in my songs.  You’ll even find them taped to my mirror at my home.

Much like we read to know we are not alone (C.S. Lewis), listening to music can be just the thing your soul needs.  Music can provide a connection to fond memories, and may speak to a deep part of our humanity.  No wonder so many people have made profound, uplifting quotes about music and life.

I’d love to share a few more of my favorites!

Music can bring us closer to heaven on earth

Music can bring us closer to heaven on earth

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Enya – The many voices of a New Age

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It’s hard to listen to any of Enya’s songs and forget about them. When “Orinoco Flow” from the album Watermark was released in 1988, it was an instant success because it was unlike anything we had ever heard. Enya’s clear and steady, yet also slightly haunting voice immediately appealed to the world and made us want more. With the song “Cursum Perficio”, Enya not only made us listen to a song completely sung in Latin, but also brave the lyrics so we could sing along.

Photo: CLF

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