Marcome’s Studio – Trying to save after the flood!

June 4, 2012 by  
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My house got flooded on my birthday this year! What a special surprise! Now we’re working hard to try to save my studio. Most of the basement will be demolished and rebuilt because of contaminated water. Tks for your prayers and positive vibes, they really help me go on! If you like what I do, please do me a little favor and share my music and videos online. I’m not going to be able to be as much present on social medias for the next month outch!

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10 Responses to “Marcome’s Studio – Trying to save after the flood!”
  1. jim N. Dakis says:

    Marcome move your studio above ground to a yert or a monolith dome I would do that for you your music is so wonderful I love it seems to me you had the same problem last we spoke or sup pump your stuff has to be dry!you will get black mold

  2. jim N. Dakis says:

    Thank you Marcome your wonderful

  3. jim N. Dakis says:

    Great we can Skype and I will give you a Idea I think you will dig it!drop a line to chat what ever Ive missed talking at best wishes hugs Jim my hip operation is Jan 9th wish me luck

  4. jim N. Dakis says:

    Dear Marcome we ever going to get together and make some wonderful music?I would really like your vocals over some of my stuff it would sound great. some chanting that kind of thing both of our tastes are right on!I could come there or you here or you could voice over some thing I send you!best wishes Your friend Jim N Dakis Ohio do my other hip in Jan would be spring

    • marcome says:

      Well why not! With a dropbox, you can put some music in and I can put some vocals in too! Work on something and propose! Who knows! Love Marcomé x

  5. Hi Marcomé thank u so much for send me your website with sure much wonderful and special i appreciate much your great friendship for me u can and must count with me always :) #Much_Love_Marcomé_xoxoxoxo :) @AndreLuizVSTMTB :)

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