Take some time off & do something just for you…

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Oh well, I know, I know, you’ll say “but I have to do this, I need to do that, this has to be done…etc.” Yep! I still struggle with that “I have to” phrase but I decided that I would do things differently. When I decide to do it, I make sure I stay connected with my being, feeling my body, my heart and my joy of being. I even put music to accompany some chores or I make myself a good cafe latte to go on! I continue to feel that I exist when I do things that are more of a task than leisure time. I also realize that sometimes a 15 minutes break will just contribute to go on with my day and kind of to a reset of my attention! So take breaks every now and than, just BE.. we’re human beings not just human doings!!! Marcomé ❀

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3 Responses to “Take some time off & do something just for you…”
  1. ahp says:

    Beautiful wow!I saw refain!

  2. ahp says:

    nice blog…i saw beautiful refrain!


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