Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Marcome100You probably have heard of the advice to treat your body like a temple. But what does that mean? And where did the saying come from?

Treat Your Body Like a Temple. The beautiful Sagrada…

Like many famous sayings, this one originates from the Bible:

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

When you consider the traditional definition of a “temple,” its becomes clear why we should think of our bodies in the same way.  A temple includes the following elements:

  • it is a place dedicated to worship
  • it includes a divine presence within it
  • it is a place reserved for a highly valued function

So, what does this mean with respect to your body, and your treatment of it?

Well, first of all, do you worship your body – that is, do you take care of it? This includes not only daily hygiene, but also regular exercise, healthful food choices, and meditation for mental health.  Among other things, you should consider a daily walk of at least 20 minutes, 7-8 hours of restful sleep and several servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

But just as there is no size fits all, recommendations for a healthy body will vary from individual to individual.  You may need more sleep than some.  Perhaps you cannot drink coffee.  Only you can decide what feels best from a health standpoint and then act accordingly.

Good health is in your hands (image from pink sherbert on Flickr)

Good health is in your hands (image from pink sherbert on Flickr)

Do you believe that your body has within it a divine presence?  I do!  In fact, when you think about it, the human form – and actually all living creatures – are miraculous.  You don’t have to will your lungs to fill with air, or your heart to beat.  Neurons in the brain flicker constantly and blood pumps through our system over thousands of miles of vessels.  Understandably, people have marveled at the wonder that is our living body, and many attribute its existence to a higher being.

When you consider the third element, the fact that your body is reserved for a highly valued function, there are two considerations.  First – what is important to you?  That is, what do you live for each day?  And second – how can you best preserve your ability to do the things that you enjoy?  Like the temples in which people worship, your body serves you each and every day.  It is the vessel through which we reach our potential, and strive towards our hopes and dreams.

Perhaps you love the outdoors, like I do?  In order to achieve this valued function, you will tend to your body’s muscles to keep them strong, and avoid harmful behaviors like smoking.  Just as the owner of a building checks the foundation, pipes and insulation, you need to have regular health check-ups and tend to the proper functioning of your body through diet, exercise and healthy relationships.

Do not take your body for granted!

Regular exercise helps improve well-being (image from mikebaird on Flickr)

Regular exercise helps improve well-being (image from mikebaird on Flickr)

If you agree that you should treat your body like a temple, then treat it with the utmost respect and care.  Healthy living requires considered decisions concerning stress reduction, regular exercise and good food choices.  This is the way to honor the divine within, and to preserve your body for its higher functions!  Worship your body for all that it does for you… carrying you around to visit friends, allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty, and the ability to engage each of your senses in the wonder of life!

Even if you are not a religious person, it is helpful to consider your body as an important edifice – it is indeed the foundation on which your good health and well-being is based.

Fill your temple with good health!  (image from FaceMePLS on Flickr)

Fill your temple with good health! (image from FaceMePLS on Flickr)

I have often said that happiness comes from your own being.  You are the caretaker of your body and your soul!  As a musician, I just love this quote:

“Life is like a piano… what you get out of it depends on how you play it.”

Fill your temple with the wondrous music of good health.  Enjoy your day!

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35 Responses to “Treat Your Body Like a Temple”
  1. Thanks for everything beautiful Marcome that the samples really enjoy your videos and make my life more happy I wish you much success professional and spiritual peace in your family life I send hugs warmly

  2. Debby Bruck says:

    Dear Marcome — Thank you for bringing me back to your lovely voice, melodies and messages of nurturing on this special holiday week of Thanksgiving. Sending healing energies back at you! ((HUGS)) Debby

  3. Kristofer Phagan says:

    My wife and i were now delighted that Peter could finish off his reports by way of the ideas he came across from your web page. It is now and again perplexing to just possibly be giving out helpful hints that many some others may have been trying to sell. And now we do know we have got you to be grateful to for this. All of the explanations you’ve made, the straightforward web site navigation, the relationships you can help instill – it’s got all impressive, and it’s facilitating our son in addition to our family reckon that the theme is thrilling, which is certainly highly important. Many thanks for all the pieces!

  4. Mark Bensette Aux Bois says:

    alot of geat advice here, thx . Ive been treating my body more like a ruin of a Temple.!! LOL Did beat rectal cancer in the last couple of years thought!! so mabe a ruin aint so bad!! LOL Mark

  5. beautiful music and sounds,ENJOY!

  6. James Carter says:

    Agreed that it is important to look after your body as if it is the only body and last body you will ever have, doing all the healthy things possible in the key to long term living.

  7. Very informative and educative piece Marcome!
    I am proud to say it seems I am on the right path and seeing all these motivate me more to keep going.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • marcome says:

      Thanks very much Marjorie! We need to know we’re all aiming for the same goal which is happiness. There are road bumps for everyone! the thought part is to really acknowledge that we’re responsible for how we act on problems and apparent problems.. Do I want to evolve, get better? Or am I used to the ‘addiction’ of victimization, discouragement or anger when faced to challenge? With a merciful love, we have to reverse the destructive habits and build a new ‘neuronal net’ for our brains to rewire on happiness. I would suggest the work of Joe Dispenza who’s a fervent yoga practitioner besides many other things..) Marcomé

  8. Christy says:

    I began a new journey with my diet after my baby was born last year – I developed an infection during labor and was given TONS of antibiotics, 8 different ones in 5 or so days. Then, I developed Candida. I did research and went to a health food store and got help and advice about diet and herbs I could take. It made a huge difference and my problem is pretty much gone.

    Eating raw and fresh foods (obviously not meat!) makes a huge difference in how you feel and function. Now if only I could find inspiration to exercise daily – not just the exercise from being a Mom, but be able to make time for myself to REALLY exercise. I used to run – I need inspiration to work back up to doing that now that Jesse is here… =)

  9. Gena Livings says:

    Hello Marcome and Pawan..

    I also wanted to contribute to this beautiful conversation and say that the body is “more” than just a physical object, it is also part of a spiritual domain. Just like certain parts of our body are interdependent on each other to function properly so is our “collective” spirit interdependent on the WHOLE. (For example: every cell in our body requires oxygen, but it is the mouth and lungs that inhale it and process it.) Grace, our magnificent body temple and the Holy Spirit are ALL Amazing gifts from God and if we choose to nourish, respect and honor our body temple in a way that promotes “wellness” in our PHYSICAL domain, then we are also nourishing our SPIRITUAL domain and God is therefor pleased.

    Sending Much Love and Blessings –

  10. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Your music is spiritual in that sense and uplifts.

    • Hi.

      Article is really informative. Containing very good things. I am trying to follow it.


      One more thing. One line is disturbing me here. We should not worship the body but the Holy spirit which resides in us. Like we worship the God who resides in temple not the temple itself. So can you please rephrase the paragraph?

      Pawan kumar.

      • marcome says:

        Dear Pawan, My point of view here is that God wants me to take care of my body for he created it. When I worship my body, I worship God for it’s one and the same. My conception of the divine is all inclusive. It’s now an earthly matter of naming it! I guess words are not enough to express the powerful life we’ve been granted!

        • It was so good to hear from you your point of view. I completely agree with you that we can not assimilate all the wonders which our Lord has done and ofcourse yes, its an earthly matter only.

          Why I told is generally in our life what happens is we miss to do somethings which are great because we are very small and so many small things we miss which could have been done because we feel its too insignificant!!

          But its ok. As you explained I know that you also intend the same thing that we worship the Holy spirit inside us not the mere mortal body which by the way has to perish one day. But then also though it is mortal we take care of body nicely because by doing so we can get more opportunity to become instrumental in Lords plan.

          I am closing this clarification.

          To move further…

          Can you please put some more light on how to keep our mental sphere more clean and conducive for our Lords stay with us!!

          Thanks for your cooperation…

          Pawan Kumar Singh

          • marcome says:

            Dear Pawan, I’m grateful to you for this exchange! I think that to make ourselves a better vehicle for life to go through, the best conductor is love. Still that’s a responsibility! Becoming loving implies becoming objective, developing constructive, rational and loving mental habits. It’s a life’s work to grow mature. The limiting beliefs about us and others are a kind of self made prison. The look of love is open, non judging, accepting, tolerant, charitable…Love brings evolution. Love is the path…I would suggest Deepak or Eckart Tolle for further readings on the subject. Happy new year! Marcomé

  11. Hi Marcome,

    it is so true what you say. Have you ever watched the dedication some people show when cleaning their car or talking about it? It is amazing.
    Or what a musician does for the instrument? They buy a hygrometer and check the tempreture in the room. They tune it, buy the best things just for the instrument.

    The first instrument each of us deals with is our self including body, mind and spirit. If this instrument is out of tune you hardly become a good musician on another instrument.

    Do you know some instruments get better and better over time. They need to be played and the better you play on them the better they get. That is why old Violines and other instruments are so expensive.

    you have the choice to tune your instrument your self every day. And the more virtous you play it the better the outcome.

    Enjoy playing your self in the best way you can and become an excellent musician.


    • marcome says:

      This is so real! I often say that emotions are to humans what red lights are in the car dashboard! When the ‘check engine’ is lit..we rush to the repair shop..When we feel bad, sad, angry or all other destructive emotional habits, we don’t quickly take care of ourselves! I guess we have to better understand the gospel that says ‘take care of yourself in order to better take care of others’! Like in a plane, if you’re asked to put the oxygen mask, you need to put it first and then put it to your child…We have to move to become more responsible for our happiness on earth..Tks for being around Larissa! Marcomé xx

      • Yes Marcome you are right, we have to care about ourselves first. Firefighters learn it to care about their safity first before going to where their help is needed.

        Any Firefighter who breaks down in all the chaos is a risk for the whole team. And finally will miss to rescue someone.

        Start the new year caring about your happyness, safity, health and wellbeing so that you are able to give to others.

        Happy new year


        • marcome says:

          Tks very much Larissa! May the next hours be an occasion to start the year the way we want it to be! Much love, caring and perseverance! xxx Happy New Year! Marcomé

  12. Marko says:

    Thanks for great article! My dearest phrase has been this association with body and temple of Holy Spirit. Virtues shine in a pure temple. Some of my recent writings on subject:

  13. I appreciate the beautiful presentation and reminder you have created here, Marcome. Gena expresses so well what I also believe. I would just add that because our bodies are part of Mother Earth, we can have a direct connection to the wisdom she holds. When we respect both the Earth and our bodies, we can access this wisdom and live lives which are in harmony with Her,and with all Life.

  14. This is a beautiful posting Marcome and one that is truly close to my heart. In my teachings as a Personal Health and Fitness coach I talk about the importance of nurturing, honoring and taking care of our body temple with utmost care and appreciation. Our body is our most valued asset and it’s the only one we’ll have until we leave this world and our physical form. What a blessing to experience our humanness being in good physical shape, being healthy, vibrant and full of energy!

    We each have the opportunity to live our “Best Life” in health and well-being if we take personal responsibility for our daily happiness and self-care. When we take care of ourselves through exercise, sleep and good nutritional habits we not only enhance our physical, mental and emotional condition, we also deepen the connection we have with ourselves, others and the environment that surrounds us.


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