I Twitter you some love and gratitude!

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-11I simply must say thank you to all my wonderful friends and fans – both old and new. Since 2009, I have been touched deeply by your kindness and amiability ! You rejuvenated my hope in humanity if I might say… Twitter me some Love could be resumed by “Love the self like others” and also “Love and do what you want” quotes from the well known Jesus and St-Augustine! I’m sending you hopeful thoughts and prayers, please, be good to yourself, you deserve the best! Marcomé ♥


“Twitter Me Some Love can be seen as a postmodern song that reflects the integration of social media and social networking into our lives. The video features various icons from around the world, from where one could possibly receive love. In times of recession, wars and earthquakes, Twitter Me Some Love is refreshingly pleasant and playful.”


Twitter Me Some Love!


Celebrate along with me… and spread the Twitter love!

Musically yours, Marcomé ♥

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Click image to listen to Marcome's music

Click image to listen to Marcome’s music

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Click image to listen to Zen Voices

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9 Responses to “I Twitter you some love and gratitude!”
  1. chaitanya says:

    I do not have words for your song, its just mind blowing . i love your songs. thanks for the songs

  2. Pradeep says:

    The song makes me feel warmth like anything. I find peace filled totally in me on hearing ur song..awesome work.

    • marcome says:

      Thank you so much! The more I travel the web, the more I feel.. why? I used to think the world was disconnected but as I discover the people from all over the world on the different social medias, I meet kindred spirits. It’s a reconciliation with humanity, hope! Much love your way, Marcomé ♡

  3. Tim Sweeney says:

    Always a pleasure to play these songs, you can sooth even the most stressful situations with the powerfulblend of tones!

  4. Hi Marcome, I just wanted to drop you a line telling you I love your music! You have the voice of an angel. Much love, Mike

  5. Ahahaha!! I ordered the infant bodysuit and matching bib for Jesse! =) *excited* My day just got better!

  6. I’m so happy that the new song is doing so good! It is a refreshing one, for sure. =) Great job!

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