May you find some time to connect with your inner beauty!

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Is it possible to be in the now without worries? Why are we, most of us, compelled to think in negative terms? One great teacher is Mother Nature. Nature is abundant and goes on forever, not complaining but adapting to whatever conditions we, humans do create! Still nature is a tremendous example of the art of adapting and perseverance… Let’s ponder that in silence for a minute or two! Be good to yourself. Marcomé

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6 Responses to “May you find some time to connect with your inner beauty!”
  1. I always heard that nature inspires people to do many things. all great poems on nature are experienced. its same with life and public. Life turned into race for money. A student thinks of his career, a businessmen about his business. we don`t really find may people thinking about the society. The changing trend has totally changed what people think about happiness these days. i don`t really know if i am happy but, i am sure i will one day be happy. Love is everywhere, you get it from every friend , every plant, tree….. Thinking negative is because of selfishness that we adopted as we moved on in our life… i will i don`t become selfish

    • marcome says:

      So true! I think we have to shift our awareness on what is the goal of life.. the expansion of power, the accumulation of wealth? Couldn’t it be fundamental that we go for human happiness first for everyone? Could we attach the best part of the communism and the socialism and create a more ethical world where it’s good to be, do and have but in respect..? I see more and more speakers coming out and I choose to be confident in humans cause they are somewhat supported by the universe.. when they tap into it! XXMarcomé

  2. Marcome,
    What a lovely reminder to stop and take a breath and absorb all the wonderful going on around us.
    Thank you,

  3. This is a question I ponder often – especially in regards to myself and the fact that even when trying to avoid it, I often find myself falling into a negativity trough. The one thing I have found that truly affects this is the company I keep. I have found that when I am surrounded by people, for example, in a market, I draw from their energies – I feel what they are feeling or what they are expressing! It is so difficult to explain and to deal with. So, I have found myself staying mostly in my own little haven and surrounding myself with pets, plants, and wildlife as much as possible and avoiding the other situations. Is this healthy? Probably not. Am I coping? Yes. Am I happier? Yes. But what I can’t figure out is how to take this to those people in the market and help them see so that they can be less negative themselves. I love this post.

    • marcome says:

      You touch a subject that’s dear to me. I sometimes feel sad to see all the pain and suffering in people’s faces on the street. I wonder why it seems so hard for humanity to live in a state of love rather than a fear based life! I guess we each need a specific experience to evolve. I recently read that our main job is to bring our own self to happiness, that’s our sole responsibility and this, will contribute to elevate the world and influence others in a positive manner. This might be the way! xx Good practice of love Christy! Marcomé

  4. How kind to remind us to take time to cherish life. We live in such a fast paced life with so many needs, it is hard to stop and just cherish the moment. Thank you dear Marcome. Thank you.

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