300-oceanpostnaLike the song in Disney’s “Aladdin,” there’s a whole new world in the manner which new age music is created, played, sung and perceived nowadays. I often feel the new age label repulses people. It seems to mean, massage, yoga, meditation music, esoteric, new age era but not in a good sense. As if new age music was only meant to make you fall asleep!
It surely is a relaxing music at times but can’t it also be a good companion in the encounter of our true nature? A mean to connect with our inner world while dancing, walking, hiking?

I personally do not like any label but that’s how one can find its way into this abundant variety of music on the planet today!

Distinct from music and vocalists of past generations, the best new age music now imaginatively blends various sounds and rhythms from global cultures. While the phrase has been around since the 1960s and 1970s, new age music is not at all new to modern society. It needs to gain back credit though.

Top New Age Artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre & Mike Oldfield made this music more popular in the 70’s. In the 80’s, Enya’s ethereal music really hit the radio charts and made New Age Music appeal to a much wider audience thus opening the door for more famous Female vocalists to emerge.
Sarah Brightman, Loreena Mckennitt, Enigma & Deep Forest are obviously good examples of this new era of ‘Ambient World New Age artists’.

New age music becomes more diverse allowing more rhythms and upbeat songs. What should it be called then? I personally like the term “New World Music” that is a merge of New Age and World. If you ask me what kind of music is Marcomé’s music, I’ll have to tell you it’s a mixture of world, pop and new age with jazz and classic flavors… I find it’s a little long! Tell me what you think and help me shed some light in this ongoing musical adventure! Musically yours, Marcomé ♥

I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite album from JM Jarre, Oxygene. I was 17 taking the metro everyday with my Sony cassette Walkman Pro (iPod’s ancestor!). I have worn the tape!

Photo From Sorrento

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