Happiness comes from your own being

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“Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions.” ~His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Marcomé and her husband hiking

Marcomé and her husband hiking

As I was hiking the mountain with my dear husband today, we talked about how hard it is to understand that our happiness comes from our own being. Being loving, accepting. We have to free ourselves from negative perceptions that were absorbed over the years and substitute them for creative ones. If one thinks he doesn’t deserve the best, well unfortunately, he is going to create it..So as hard as it can be, because it’s subtly installed in our subcouncious, thinking, hoping, visualizing the best is the way to train our mind and heart to keep going up! Slowly but surely reaching the top of our potential! I’m grateful to be alive in this era! We never had so many teachers!

Love your way, Marcomé

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12 Responses to “Happiness comes from your own being”
  1. I agree. Self-awareness is better than self-consciousness. Illustrated: http://www.napkindad.com/2011/05/self-conscious-vs-self-aware.html

  2. Richard Retzer says:

    I could not have said it better myself. It is so true. We are what we choose to be.

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi ya Marcome,

    Adding to ya blog……………..

    Also we must respect our time for being here in this physical life learning for when we return to the spiritual none physical.

    There are many challenges in this life as we chose to be here at this time for me in this body and for all of you in yours.
    We be here to learn the lessons that hold us back and adding to our own physical being free will to be good or not to be a good person.
    All things happen in life for our reasons to learn from the experience.
    There is a book called journey of the soul by a lady named Dr Brenda Davis
    please if you can have a read and have your own opinion and understanding of what she has written, there is much information out there ask the questions in your mind and look out for the signs for sure you will be shown your direction.

    I do not force what I believe and know to be true on any person and what I have seen in my life time but ask yourselves questions and I know the answers will be sent on your paths.

    If people had more understanding of life after life they would not do the actions they do and this is where the free will comes into to play with feelings emotions added to them as we are human with compassion, hate and anger which some can control and some not but throw into this mixture that some souls are here to learn lessons good or bad for them to pay of karma from previous lives.

    We are at a point in time where Human life has to not maybe but has to change that is why more so today than ever people in numbers are changing their way of thinking and as a result good can take place but it has the ripple effect it has to keep going for human eveolution to survive.

    It is to teach the less educated man woman and child about life and being good, As like attracts like always you give out god vibes you get good vibes back, bad vibes the same but when you get them back the laws of the universe come into affect here and it whatever it maybe comes back ten fold to you.

    Being healthy and staying healthy, throw negativity out of your concious book in your mind and be positive in all situations it will help you be more healthy and lead a healthier life many cause thier own health problems by the way they think in thier lives, not good.

    Something to think about until next time alla take care and be happy and always be healthy.

    To wake every day and to give thanks for being alive and healthy.
    A Blessing from God.

    • marcome says:

      Nice thoughts here, I’m with you! Have you seen What the Bleep do we Know!?
      It’s a nice movie about spirituality and humankind physiology and habits..
      I will check Brenda Davis book thanks for the tip!
      I’m grateful to you for those inspiring words of wisdom, thank you!
      p.s. I’ll say thanks to God for keeping you alive and healthy because very selfishly, I benefit from it..hahahah!Marcomé xx

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Marcome,

        Thats fine I’m here to help as many as I can
        if more people opened their eyes.

        It would benefit so many but are brainwashed by the media and what they see and read.

        Be open and see past the blind fold of life as set by those who do not want us to see the truth about life.

        Take care Andrew xxx

  4. Hey, that’s great! Watched “What the bleep…” with my son a few months back. Every 20 mins or so we stopped the film to discuss what we just had heard and seen. We tried to go and see “Watchmen” in the cinema but he -being “just” 13 ‘n all- was not allowed to see it because apparently (didn’t see it, so I wouldn’t know) it depicts two people being “intimately involved.” I thought:”Wait a minute! So he CAN see a movie in which people, entire cities (Terminator, Star Trek, Transformers, Rocky) and even planets are being severely molested and blown apart but he is not allowed to watch two naked people enjoying eachothers presence?” Looks like we live in a world where our governments send out the message that violence is good and sex is bad. I wrote a letter to my governement about it but doubt if they’ll respond. At least I know I have tried…That’s it really. Just give it your best shot and don’t let it get you down.


    • marcome says:

      Wow this is definitely not the first contradiction! We have to keep going, like you say, ‘Just give it your best shot!’ Thanks and have a great weekend! Marcomé

  5. Andrew says:

    Hello Marcome,

    So true is the saying you are what you eat and you are what you think.
    We do create our own reality by the way we think in our subconscious minds.
    Today we live in the reality of negative media which is seeming to brain wash people.
    If people opened there eyes more and were more positive in thought the world would be a better place to live .
    Only time will unfold the true nature of our subconscious minds as we think
    The film sphere if any you guys watched it a good example of limited thinking in the negative that restricts our way forward through fear of the unknown.
    And of fear of bad happening.

    But also bad has to happen for good to level the balance.

    Be happy be healthy always Andrew x

    • marcome says:

      Yes Andrew, this is a fact, we are surrounded mostly by negative perceptions and messages. Medias, films and literature are proposing (unconsciously sometimes) schemes of thinking that are keeping mankind behind, emotionally dependent and therefore not wanting to become responsible of his own life…BUT..There are other good examples, we have to search, find and put to practice. I liked very much What the Bleep do We Know!?, a movie I will talk about in the blog soon.
      thanks for sharing and inspiring me! Love to you, Marcomé

  6. The mind has great powers. If only more people would believe they can create their own happiness. Some people think making other people smile is hard work but really it isn’t. It’s the little things that matter. Like wishing the busdriver a good morning. It takes less than three seconds. Not to hard to do, even when you’ve just climbed a mountain and feel really tired…;-)

    You both look very chilled out in this picture…Makes me feel good, just looking at it. Enjoy the view, wherever you are.

    • marcome says:

      Thanks for your resonating comment! This is so true, the sum of small pleasures, kind gestures do create happiness…It’s a matter of staying loving, constructive and engaged toward ourselves..even more when challenged!
      I salute you dear fellow from Amsterdam and wish you to enjoy yourself as much as I enjoy walking this path with you! Love your way, Marcomé


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