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You don’t have to be a romantic at heart to enjoy love songs.  But if you are… you don’t need to just wait for Valentine’s Day to spring romance – even weddings might be on the horizon for you or someone you know.

Classic, enduring love songs celebrate the range of emotions.  From new love to heartbreak, there is something for everyone.  Don’t believe me?  Come along and let’s enjoy some classic musical selections about love.  Even if you don’t envision Cupid fluttering around or hear angels singing choruses above, you’re bound to feel your heart lift a little.

Don't you love to hear those silly love songs? (image from GCD3 on Flickr)

Don’t you love to hear those silly love songs? (image from GCD3 on Flickr)

I have to start with a Canadian singer songwriter (like myself!)  Celine Dion‘s global smash, “My Heart Will Go On,” continues to break hearts with its compelling lyrics and vocals that were showcased in the blockbuster movie “Titanic.”  Leading man Leonardo Di Caprio probably helped just a little bit:

Any post about love songs wouldn’t be complete without ole “blue eyes.”  Frank Sinatra really showed that he knew how to charm the ladies with “Fly Me to the Moon.”  Who wouldn’t be charmed hearing this song sung by his silky, smooth voice?

While I usually enjoy listening to the actual melody without focusing on lyrics, when it comes to this song, I have to make an exception.  Who could sing this one better than the talented Sir Paul McCartney (at the time singing with the group Wings?)

Whenever I hear “Maybe I’m Amazed,” I truly feel the same way:

Songs about love are often celebrations of seeing the world through your beloved’s vision.  80’s rocker and ambient music artist, Peter Gabriel created a smash hit that tapped such an experience with, “In Your Eyes.”  The hit was also featured on the soundtrack of “Say Anything.”

It is a charming movie, but not as stirring as its featured song:

Amazing gospel/pop singer Whitney Houston has one of the most impressive voices we’ll probably hear in our lifetime.  Her powerful song, “I will Always Love You,” propelled her to superstardom when she co-starred with Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard in 1992.

Its no wonder that the song is such a hit.  Houston’s powerful voice and heartfelt delivery have you believing that her emotions are 100% pure and genuine.  Pass a tissue, please!

Time to cue the screaming, fainting girls!  We simply have to mention Elvis Presley in a post about love songs.  When he first crooned “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” teenagers (and young women) around the world must have imagined Elvis singing directly to them.  The overwhelming emotion was regularly on display at concerts worldwide.

Once again, the enduring quality of this love song is the combination of lyrics and the personality and delivery of the artist.  Elvis could make many of us weak in the knees!

Rocker Eric Clapton has opened his heart many times in his music. Among so many wonderful songs is the classic, Wonderful Tonight.  Can you imagine your beloved singing these heartfelt lyrics to you?

So endearing and so classic!

Happy Love all year long!

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28 Responses to “Love Songs You’ll Love”
  1. Michael says:

    Music envelopes the entire mind body and soul. Music can sooth, irritate, and move emotions. Many couples have “their song”, the first song they danced to, fell in love together with, and so forth. Music has been with us since the beginning of time and has evolved just as our culture and environment has evolved. So when someone says they hate music, they lie. We all need a few things in life: food, water, fire,love,and music. This is just my take on music and many will disagree, but that’s alright. Just as long as they know they need music just as much as the next person.

    • marcome says:

      So beautiful Michael! Music for me has been like an anti depressor! I could always relate to music at any time to allow a better loving connection with my inner being. It’s because of music we met, it’s a great inter connector too! Love and health your way! Marcomé

  2. Good article, totally enjoyed it. Still, I wonder how come nobody spotted the “Leonardo Da Vinci” little error. Funny. Leo Di Caprio should be proud. :)

  3. Steve | Make a Song says:

    Great job marcome, this just reminded me of my younger days.

  4. Nice collection!! Maybe you should do cover versions YOUR way as a cd? Just a thought!! Maak

    • marcome says:

      Very good idea! I’ve been collecting some titles for some time so it’s really something I have in mind! Have a smooth next hour! Marcomé

  5. Definitely!!! It is very useful for the music lovers like me. I appreciate the information that this article provided. This is a great tool & a lot of people will find it very useful! Thanks for sharing this! I wish there would be more info about that:)

  6. kimberlyellen says:



    ❤marcome❤marcome thank you for sharing these beautiful songs!!

  7. Deardth says:

    Nice, you have actually given a big amount of thought to the other side of this argument. Perhaps I can do a guest post or a follow-up, just tell me.

  8. there would be no other king of rock and roll like elvis presley, he is the best and a legend “:.

  9. herbata says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I wish there would be more info about that:)

  10. Paper Sound says:

    celine dion will always be one of the best singer, she has the unique sounding voice “:`

    • marcome says:

      Totally agree Celine has a huge musical talent and passion for her artistry! Very dedicated, she keeps training her voice. I admire her will and perseverance!

  11. Musicby says:

    Celine Dion is got to be the best singer, she has a very sweet warm voice ‘

    • marcome says:

      I had the privilege to work a few times with Celine and she’s is a tremendously accomplished music artist! She now produces songs for others, lyrics and music and production. She’s role model, a hard and passionate worker and what a voice!

  12. Buck says:

    there would be no other king of Rock And Roll like Elvis Presly”.

    • marcome says:

      Elvis was an incredible artist! I remember when I first saw him on television, I fell under the charm, what a beautiful man! tks for passing by! Have a soothing next hour, Marcomé ❤

  13. Zak Fisher says:

    Elvis Presley is the only King, there would be no other music artist like him*`:

  14. Maria Howard says:

    i always love the songs of Elvis Presley, there would be no other singer like him”:’

  15. who could have not known the greatest musician of the decade. Elvis is the king.`,;

  16. Lori Moreno says:

    Beautiful Marcome! xox

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