The Making of Marcomé’s Twitter Me Some Love Song and Music Video

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-11I really started using Twitter in 2009, and it has changed my life. I met kindred spirits I never imagined possible. I’ve never been able to talk about such a wide variety of subjects and share my feelings and ideas about music all at the same place! I enjoy the direct and immediate contact and feedback that I have with my followers and fans.

If you would have told me that my best friends at work would be from all over the world years ago, I would have said, “How”? Now I know…. Twitter!250twitter

My first miracle on Twitter was the encounter with my London friend. He answered my first tweets and he kindly explained to me how Twitter worked.  He sent me links so to better understand how to use and what to expect on Twitter.  Right from the start, I was welcomed in a very special manner!

After a few weeks on Twitter I couldn’t go without noticing my Denver friend Reg Saddler @Zaibatsu. We ended up on the phone one night and Reg, noticing how much fun I was having on Twitter, asked me, “Why don’t you do a song about your experience on Twitter?”  The very next day, I started playing with words and phrases using the term Twitter.

I actually searched the dictionary and found these definitions for Twitter:

twitter |ˈtwitər|

verb [ intrans. ]

(of a bird) give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds.

• talk in a light, high-pitched voice : old ladies in the congregation twittered.

• talk rapidly: he twittered on about buying a new workshop

Let me Twitter you some Love! (image from wwarby on Flickr)

I saw all those tweets traveling the web so fast, here, now, and everywhere! What a mass of people exchanging, sharing, communicating!  In my mind’s eye, I saw the birds on branches twittering not only their chants but tweeting about love, and the energy of nature that’s been behind my musical works my artistic life.

Then, I went in my studio and opened my Logic Studio sound software and started singing…Twitter me some Love. It came out naturally. After a few hours, the song was completely drafted and my first solo lyrics were finished! As if it was not enough, I thought that an additional male voice would fit in there so I asked singer artist Bruno Pelletier who kindly accepted to sing with me! I also wanted a real bass player and I knew who..! Wasn’t sure if he was available… I called Marc Langis who happened to be back in Montreal after 14 years of working with Celine. Marc gracefully accepted to put his magic touch on Twitter me some Love. This project is like a dream come true!

It was meant to be; the universe was twittering me its and I was expressing it through creativity.

Pretty excited, I sent the file to Reg and I guess he was surprised as I was – the Twitter Song was working fine!


As if the universe was conspiring to help me out, I thought that a music video was indispensable. I just needed to find the right person to do it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with François Kiraly on mixing his new CD. After I had been talking with him about the song and Twitter music video, he proposed to help me produce the music video, which is being released with the Twitter Me Some Love song.

The genesis of the Twitter me some Love music video by Director François Kiraly:

I was inspired by Marcomé, the woman, the musical artist. She is a special music artist as she is warm, loving and loves to share her tremendous positive energy. Her love of life is contagious! That’s what inspired me to see her in an ethereal way…For some days, I lived with my impressions of her and drafted a character that would evoke not only femininity but also the yang aspect of the artist. I let my intuition guide me and the lady character got created in what I feel is Marcome’s avatar.


Twitter Love Tree

Twitter Love Tree

The girl in the clip is the avatar of Marcomé traveling the world like in “Tron”, traveling a virtual world, which in this case is Twitter.  I felt there was a universal concept behind the song, a planetary subject. With the regular 2D and 3D animation video mediums, I could better show the magic of the Twitter song. The bird is the guide that travels the earth.

Twitter is like a big collective phone. We then built an imaginary world conveying a metaphoric message … like a dream, a methaphoric universe, and a dreamscape.

One woman travels the world in her dreams guided by a bird (guide) and discovers herself through the stars growing on the tree of the web. The tree with the stars represent the web with the individuals.  The bird guides communication with the planet through the web.

Marcomé is an interesting musical artist to work with as she is passionate not only about music but visual arts. I wanted to keep this in the music video. I used bright colors, nature, love and the ability to communicate passion and music that will appeal to those who are searching for well being through music.


Twitter Love Bird

Twitter Love Bird

My gratitude to Veloce Animation where Francois concocted this colorful music video. A huge thank you to Martin Poirier for his crazy creativity! I am so excited to release Twitter Me Some Love!  I hope you discover some of your own miracles in the celebration of the special connections that are made with Twitter.

Twitter me some Love

Twitter me some Love lounge remix

Follow me! Marcomé ♥ Take good care, you deserve the best!
Download your free copy of the Twitter me some Love Song right now!

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25 Responses to “The Making of Marcomé’s Twitter Me Some Love Song and Music Video”
  1. Mark Bensette Aux Bois says:

    wonderful as always!! Love coming to your music site and discovering something new and awsome…………………. Mark

  2. Rose says:

    What a beautiful song and the recipe to what Twitter relationships should be about

  3. jenny says:

    I watch your songs its wonderful.

  4. Debby Bruck says:

    The sounds are streaming around the internet, twitterverse, youtube and into homes around the world. We need lots of love to make this world a better place. Really lovely animation on the video.


  5. jean carlos alves dos santos says:

    Good afternoon all right? that beautiful country that you live, I watched the opening games of Vancouver-Canada, that beautiful city and I was surprised to see his people, friendly and polite, congratulations on your country.

    Boa tarde tudo bem? que país lindo que você mora,assisti a abertura dos jogos de Vancouver-Canadá,que cidade linda e fiquei surpreso em ver o seu povo,simpático,e educado,parabéns pelo seu país.

  6. jean carlos alves dos santos says:

    Boa tarde, eu amo o novo vídeo, a batida foi unida com as vozes maravilhosas desta canção, amor este novo ritmo da canção que elevou a minha alma, sempre podemos tweet com dignidade e que a música é nosso hino … ..

    Boa tarde, adorei o novo video, uma batida ficou maravilhosa unida com as vozes dessa canção, adorei esse novo ritmo de canção que elevou a minha alma, que possamos sempre com dignidade Twittar E que essa canção seja o nosso hino … …

    • marcome says:

      Dear Jean, you have a way with words! I’m grateful to you. I’m happy you like this new song and video, I’ve put a lot in it and part of this is a bit of you! Marcomé xxx

  7. Anne says:

    Chère Marcomé,

    Tu m’impressionneras toujours. Tu repousses toujours les limites… Wow! “Twitter me love song”. Fallait y penser? Bravo. C’est très accrocheur comme toujours, et tout en douceur. Et quel beau vidéo. Génial. Comme toi.


    Anne xx

  8. jean carlos alves dos santos says:

    Marcomé good night, I enjoyed reading about this song, the picture says it all and want to see with great joy that video and song, that anjops you always this voice that charms and soothes the soul, kisses and good job, congratulations

    • marcome says:

      Thanks for your inspiring words! May this new week unravel more magic to your soul so that you know that you’re taken care of! xxMarcomé Tks for being you!

      • jean carlos alves dos santos says:

        this week is really a lot of light that the angels are with us in this wonderful week and once again I’m hoping Anciedade to see this new work, kisses and good second

        • jean carlos alves dos santos says:

          Good afternoon, I love the new video, the beat was united with the wonderful voices of this song, love this new rhythm of the song that raised my soul, we can always tweet with dignity and that song is our anthem …..

          Boa tarde, adorei o novo video,a batida ficou maravilhosa unida com as vozes dessa canção,adorei esse novo ritmo de canção que elevou a minha alma, que possamos sempre twittar com dignidade e que essa canção seja o nosso hino……

  9. You are a true inspiration! Thank you for the music, the art and your love! All the best!

  10. Karina says:

    Beautiful! The universe speaks through you with your music. Cheers :)

  11. I look forward with eagerness to see the masterpiece I know you have made. Blessings dearest sweetest twitter

  12. Richard Retzer says:

    Can’t wait until it comes out! It will be better than all of the rest I am sure. And believe me. The others are great. Thank you so much.

  13. Rodney says:

    I watched your Music Video Twitter Me Some Love Song and it was Beautifull. I really love your Music and the way that you present it, its fantastic I have alot of your CDs and listen to them all the time

  14. adam says:

    Bravo Marcome! What a great idea about Twitter! Looking forward to the launch of ‘Twitter Me Some Love’ music video…

  15. Sakura says:


    Fico tão feliz! Estou louca para ver o vídeo!
    O Twitter mudou e muito a minha vida também.
    Deve ter ficado lindo!



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