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Every new day given to us, is the ultimate time to consider a fresh start.  Maybe you are looking to improve your health, indulge a hobby, or even find new music to enjoy?  Let me help you with that last one!

Music for a New World is a call to humanity.  Consider how the World is Singing – when you go for a walk, enjoy blooming flowers, or stand at the edge of the ocean.


Music to celebrate a new world (image from pasotraspaso on Flickr)

Music to celebrate a new world (image from pasotraspaso on Flickr)

One voice, one note, another voice, another note, slowly rise up
from the earth to the firmament and beyond to the very depths of space.
Raise your voice and join the chorus; the world needs voices. Let us not forget!

Relaxing, inspirational music comes in many forms.  Perhaps you already enjoy ambient or new age music songs?  Then New World music will likely be a pleasant discovery to add to your play-lists.

Blending spirituality and cultural influences from around the world, singer songwriters in this genre capture the imagination of humanity as a whole.  We are reminded through the healing music that we are all one.

New World Music is a lasting gift (image from sophiea on Flickr)

New World Music is a lasting gift (image from sophiea on Flickr)

Listen to this song from Darren Worth, entitled “Sahara.”  Normally Worth records piano solos, but he also enjoys creating pop, R&B, and ambient – with a New World influence.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a different land, in a new age:

Now, let’s travel to Guatemala to hear the enchanting voice of Magda Angelica, an ambient new world vocal artist.  In Flor de Agua (“water flower”), she explores Indian spirituality against the backdrop of ethnic sounds from Guatemala and Mexico.

The resulting music is uplifting and enchanting at the same time:

Hauntingly beautiful sounds emanate from this next New World artist, from Japan.  Listening to Rodrigo Rodriguez‘s Kyuden No Kurayami, you might just believe that you are in an ancient Japanese temple, thousands of years ago

Breathe deeply and allow the music to wash through your soul:

The Chinese cultural influences are strong in this next selection, from Lei Qiang, entitled “Night Song.”  There are not many songs in which you can enjoy the erhu, a 2-stringed violin-like instrument.  Qiang is said to be a master, and I must say that I agree with that assessment!

He now lives in Canada, and has recorded for the Cirque du Soleil, when not releasing his own singles and CDs.

Why not get out there and explore the brave new world of New World Music?  You never know what treasures lie beyond the borders and your imagination!  Join the chorus of humanity… or at least listen to its beautiful tunes.

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