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487v-marcoyeux2Welcome to Marcomé’s New Age Music Blog

You may be wondering why I felt the need to start a new age music blog. After all, isn’t new age music about, well, music? Aren’t blogs supposed to be about pets or fashion or politics?

Actually blogging is done on almost every topic imaginable, and as an artist and performer of some of the most popular new age music in North America, I feel compelled to communicate with my audience not simply with melody and lyrics; but with the many ideas which help create the music you love. In addition to discussion about the new age music industry, I want a forum to share my spiritual and creative thoughts, inspirations, and challenges.

As I write and record original new age music, my understanding of music as both an art form and as a facilitator for authentic spiritual experience grows. My fans tell me that my music is healing music and that they use my recordings for meditation, massage, and relaxation. Whether as an accompaniment to yoga, birthing, or simply as a companion when enjoying a peaceful afternoon at home; I am grateful to be part of the precious experiences of my listeners.

A new age music blog, then, has much ground to cover. Physical, spiritual and emotional truths, the inspiration of my travels, the depth of history, and the joy of creation-all of these play a meaningful role in the music you hear me perform.

For new age music, 2008 was an epic year. We saw the desperate results of the misguided decisions made by many people around the world, resulting in social, economic, and spiritual bankruptcy. Yet, even as these things were occurring, a spark of hope seemed to ignite. In the darkest hours when wars raged, innocents perished, and greed was king; masses of people began to come together in peaceful protest. Landmark decisions were made by “the people”, taking power to harm and destroy our world away from leaders who had served their own selfish purposes for far too long.

As we head into 2009, hope and light begin to radiate more and more among everyday people around the world. The dream of peace and enlightenment seems to have solidified in the minds and hearts of millions; and this common vision is propelling us forward as we establish a new age.

My personal destiny is to write the soundtrack for these beautiful changes, provide music for a new age, and to generate positive energy through my music which will help nurture the changes that are currently underway on our planet. A new day is dawning and as we walk together, hand in hand, toward our shared destiny, I sing to you and find comfort in knowing that you hear me.

Please return often to read my new age music blog, and I invite you to participate by sharing your comments. It is my sincere hope that we can build a community here of authentic, spiritual beings, sustaining one another through music and love.

Marcomé ♥

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4 Responses to “Why a New Age Music Blog?”
  1. Nigel Savage says:

    your writing here is very beautiful, I hope at some point you share with us your understanding of what mode you see as the mode of “authentic, spiritual beings” and how one finds this mode

    For me to be authentic is to care, to care not just for your loved ones but for your enemies and nature, that authenticity flows as a natural consequence of our caring

    • marcome says:

      Thanks Nigel for your kindness and generosity. I will be here more often in the near future and we’ll pursue our conversation as authentic beings!
      Love your way,
      Thanks for your support!

  2. Mel S. says:

    I own a little new age gift shop in Seattle and I use Marcome’s music to exactly do that. Burn some incense, put River of Soul and gradually, my customers feel relaxed and stay longer in my store! So Marcome, please give us more musical elixir to listen to, your music and your talent as a singer are just overwhelming. Thank you so much. Have a great day dear Friend!


    • marcome says:

      Hi Mel,
      Good to read from you! I would like to thank you for your nice comment, your kindness goes straight to my heart and inspires me to pursue. A zillion thanks! Have a great new day and take care, you deserve the best…

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