A Whole New World reality in New Age Music

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300-oceanpostnaLike the song in Disney’s “Aladdin,” there’s a whole new world in the manner which new age music is created, played, sung and perceived nowadays. I often feel the new age label repulses people. It seems to mean, massage, yoga, meditation music, esoteric, new age era but not in a good sense. As if new age music was only meant to make you fall asleep!
It surely is a relaxing music at times but can’t it also be a good companion in the encounter of our true nature? A mean to connect with our inner world while dancing, walking, hiking?

I personally do not like any label but that’s how one can find its way into this abundant variety of music on the planet today!

Distinct from music and vocalists of past generations, the best new age music now imaginatively blends various sounds and rhythms from global cultures. While the phrase has been around since the 1960s and 1970s, new age music is not at all new to modern society. It needs to gain back credit though.

Top New Age Artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre & Mike Oldfield made this music more popular in the 70’s. In the 80’s, Enya’s ethereal music really hit the radio charts and made New Age Music appeal to a much wider audience thus opening the door for more famous Female vocalists to emerge.
Sarah Brightman, Loreena Mckennitt, Enigma & Deep Forest are obviously good examples of this new era of ‘Ambient World New Age artists’.

New age music becomes more diverse allowing more rhythms and upbeat songs. What should it be called then? I personally like the term “New World Music” that is a merge of New Age and World. If you ask me what kind of music is Marcomé’s music, I’ll have to tell you it’s a mixture of world, pop and new age with jazz and classic flavors… I find it’s a little long! Tell me what you think and help me shed some light in this ongoing musical adventure! Musically yours, Marcomé ♥

I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite album from JM Jarre, Oxygene. I was 17 taking the metro everyday with my Sony cassette Walkman Pro (iPod’s ancestor!). I have worn the tape!

Photo From Sorrento

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26 Responses to “A Whole New World reality in New Age Music”
  1. PaulDeanny says:

    So agree with Leo. I hate labels. Marcomé has a unique style, call it what you want, new age music or else, I would personally use spiritual music, soulful, airy or plain BEAUTIFUL! Keep on singing my sweet angel, we need your voice to heal our lifes. Paul

    • marcome says:

      Wow thanks Paul! If you knew how I would be happy to find out what’s the best option! I thank you both for taking the time to share and generously give me very good vibes! Love, Marcomé

  2. Leo Waighen says:

    Personally I don’t like terms brands and labels…Music is my individual trip to a dreamland…Each artist is a brightly coloured universe. Unlike in the blessed 70-80ies nowadays everything in the music world looks so stencilled and banal…recycled and devaluated so that only the brightest music minds grab our attention….such as Marcome who is a world apart and one of the most uncommon vocal gifts ever heard….So uplifting and relaxing like very few in the genre…and on the other hand her compositions are full of light and hues like watercolours unfolding around through the sounding dewdrop mornings…Marcome is my favourite artist ……Its so nice to hear her voice from morning till night…

    • marcome says:

      Ah Leo! Vous êtes mon ange aujourd’hui! J’emporte avec moi cette grande marque d’attention en mon coeur et remercie Dieu de votre influence positive et votre généreuse présence dans ma vie! Merci la vie! Marcomé xx

  3. Robert Tan says:

    Hello Marcome, thanks for sharing with us your wonderful thoughts and music.

    Personally, I think the term “New Age” is a misnomer. How can it be “new” when it is actually a resurgence of old musical elements given a rebirth? Well, at least it is not that entirely new. Or maybe it can also be seen as a way of stepping back in time. I feel that way whenever I listen to New Age.

    • marcome says:

      I love what you say, how can it be new if it’s the usage of old sounds! Just don’t know who decides to name music categories anyways. I just hope people like music for the quality of it but for what it brings in life! Tks Robert! Marcomé

    • marcome says:

      Celestial music.. That’s so sweet! I guess we’re all in heaven we just happen not to remember! Tks for bringing your sweet vibes, have a soothing weekend, Marcomé ♥

  4. The term New Age Music was created by listeners and consumers who were looking in the 60s and 70s for music that could be used for meditation, Yoga, reading, dancing, consciousness expanding experiments, love making and more – short for their new lifestyle of conscious living. Nobody in the industry stamped “New Age” on this genre. Nobody invented it or started it.

    There was a whole new generation of younger and post war born spiritual seekers, who needed a new form of literature, art, entertainment and nutrition. Because this movement was named around the globe by many “New Age Movement” (referring to the coming New Age of Consciousness, the new era of Aquarius) those who were looking for this new type of music – including myself (1968) were asking for “New Age Music”. A term that grew organically out of the demand for this type of music.

    It was very diverse from the beginning. Those who wanted to listen to this new type of music did not have a preference of culture, instrumentation or spiritual background. It was the element of a new consciousness and ego-less, music driven performance versus the old paradigm of “star” driven pop music.

    I have witnessed this first generation of New Age Music, then the second generation in the 80s – when New Age Music became very popular and more mainstream, and many Major Record Labels started looking at the commercial aspect of New Age Music and then a revival in the 90s with a new generation of new young listeners and consumers and young new artists and the new millennium with yet another new generation of new age artists and their audience. New Age Music has now been around for almost 50 years.

    In terms of diversity nothing has really changed, there were always almost as many sub genres in the New Age genre as spiritual musical cultures, or conscious musicians. I would recommend to add on to the sub genres, refine the descriptions of more diverse New Age Music, be happy with the genre term and build your community of New Age Music and Conscious entertainment. If you are interested to discuss more about New Age Music join the New Age Music Circle @


  5. Janet Hansen says:

    It is really the new age community of musicians who solicited certain divisions of commerce to highlight their music…such as massage therapists, spas,yoga studios chiroprationers, et al. One of Narada’s pioneering and most successful pianists, launched his career creating a demo for a yoga studio in an exercise to clear certain channels. Whomever stamped the name New Age on this genre has never come forward to own the tag. And the universally recognized founder of New Age music, Will Ackerman, vehemently denounces it. This style of music was derived from folk roots and acoustic instruments; primarily the piano and acoustic guitar.

    I appreciate this style of music very much and in fact, have two Grammy award winning campaigns to my credit in this genre. The debate has raged for decades about what New Age means; why it is attached to certain issues and the ultimate consequences of what should be a very holistic and wholesome ideal.

    • marcome says:

      Tks Janet, very instructive comment here. It’s always a delicate matter to name music when it’s not clearly into a specific music genre. I sure grew up listening to Will’s music, Ralph Towner, Patrick Ohearn who influenced in different ways what I create. I still feel there’s a connection between our musics, we’re just lacking terms to better define it ) Tks!

  6. sue Painter says:

    Thanks for the great music. I shared you with my facebook page.

  7. New Age Music is an established genre that points to certain types of music consumers worldwide are looking for. This includes new age world, ambient, electronic, meditation, chants, vocals, minimal, uplifting, space music and many more sub-genres. Just to marry new age and world music would not do justice to the genre. It is not so much about what we feel as artists our music should be called, but what is the best way to promote it to it’s target market. New Age Music has a Grammy, is recognized in the whole world as a valid genre and we should support it wherever possible, because it INCLUDES every aspect of our music!

    • marcome says:

      Good to hear the New Age echo! This is a judicious statement. I also like the fact that New Age Music has a spiritual component that can lead to a way of life. Living in harmony with planet earth while evolving as toward healthier ways of life. Tks for bringing the New Age Music positive sides to our attention! Marcomé

  8. 33bowls says:

    Like it! New World Music has a nice ring to it — a whole World of creative, high vibe Music to enjoy. The New Age genre has become too wide of a swath IMHO, akin to Pop/Rock, only softer.

  9. yogikate says:

    i really love this video. i totally forgot about jean-michel jarre. as a massage therapist i am constantly looking for that “just right” music that also isn’t too sappy for my clients.

    this video is more like trance dance music.

    thanks for your post and i am glad i caught the link on twitter!

  10. Gena Livings says:

    Music begins in the mind of its creator and ends in the reverie of the listener. Music is felt within the drumbeat of our HEARTS, its cadence is what connects us to the Divine. Music itself is invisible and mysterious. Music affects us, moves us, inspires us and transforms us as human beings. This dance occurs in a place outside our everyday consciousness where unseen energy is transmuted into sound through feeling and intuitive insight. Music accompanies the flow of energy from the Cosmos into the very cells of our being which generates Love, Peace and Harmony. Music does many things for the human body including, equalizing brain waves, boosting the immune function, changing our perception of space and time, strengthening our memory and learning, boosting productivity, enhancing romance and sexuality, stimulating digestion, fostering endurance, enhancing unconscious receptivity to symbolism, and generating an overall sense of security and Well-Being ..

    I don’t know what new age music should be named but I know music in its very
    essence is Universal, Timeless and Eternal. Music is felt from “Within” and is the language of our soul which has no boundaries or limitations.

    “I dance in creative song. I feel the power of its energy set me free. Time stands still. I am completely present. Nothing else exists. I’m free and boundless.”

    Thank You Marcome for creating your beautiful music that is Forever Eternal.


    • marcome says:

      Dear Gena, I could not have said this better, this is just beautiful and inspired! Life goes through you gracefully! I’m grateful to evolve with you sweet Soul! xxxMarcomé

  11. Paula says:

    Interesting discussion, Marcome’.

    Let me say first that I am enjoying your music. Secondly, regarding Jean Michael Jarre’, didn’t he have a popular song out, maybe from the movie “Flashdance,” or am thinking of another musician?

    For those who object to New Age, I’m not sure “New World” will be more palatable, although I know exactly where you’re coming from with the label New World.

    How about Ambient Music since Ambient refers to the atmosphere or Ambient Global Music? Just some thoughts. Hope this helps and sparks some more ideas, perhaps.

    Blessings, Paula

    • marcome says:

      Dear Paula,
      Thanks for leaving me your suggestion. Yes, the ambient music genre could be appropriate but it usually refers to more ‘techno’ type of sounds or more electronic music with no voices. I feel there a bridge to be done to connect music done with real instruments that borrows from jazz, pop and ambient new age (which is what I do!) and that’s why I suggest New World Music. I’m always cautious when I say New Age music because for some people, it means music for massage..
      May this new week bring you more of what you need! Marcomé xx

  12. Jubba says:

    I agree, let’s call it New World music!

    You are right about the unfortunate connotations associated with the term “New Age”. I have family members who refuse to give so-called “new age music” a chance because they believe it would displease God and give place to evil.

    Of course this idea is nonsense and based on misunderstandings. It comes of — let’s be honest — willful ignorance. Artists such as Enya and (of course) Marcome are tremendous blessings in my life. This music could bless so many others if the terminology barrier could be removed.

    Changing/correcting the name of the genre is a step in the right direction, I believe. Now if only there were a way to promote widespread acceptance of a new term for the genre….

    • marcome says:

      Dear Jubba,
      That’s exactly my concern, how to spread a new label? I like New World Music but if people don’t know this term, they won’t search for it either. I guess it’s a matter of time before we see something changing in there! Thanks for taking the time to write, I appreciate it! Love to you, Marcomé

  13. I agree New Age has an old label and connotation that needs to be upgraded, although I love much New Age music, including yours, Marcome! Any music that lifts my spirit, raises my vibrations, and opens doors to the soul I love, no matter the ‘genre.’

    • marcome says:

      Dear Shelley, thanks for dropping by! I totally agree, no need for labels when it comes to music, that’s the feelings it generates that counts! But that’s a reality check when you want to explain what kind of music one does!
      Love your way and lots of good music to fly into our imagination and accompany us in this beautiful world. Marcomé


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