We Are All One

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My spirituality is fundamental to my personality.  It inspires my music and deepens my friendships.

One of my core beliefs is that spirituality is connected to sustainability – in other words, the idea that we give more than we take. When it comes to our precious planet, we all play a role in environmental stewardship.  Every decision we make is like a pebble dropped into a still pool.  Ripples flow outward.

Watch, and consider how the lives of everything on Earth is linked together:

You can help carry this message to various media, including the major TV networks.

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20 Responses to “We Are All One”
  1. James says:

    a message from a “servant” : “If the standing timber
    is going to whip the sky
    …Then let them be your masts,”

    hmmm? Yes! Lets go SAILING! !

  2. GMacD says:

    Uh yeah…it’s called GOD

  3. Great post. The mystics have always alluded to the one in everything. I discuss this oneness in several articles. It is time for love and true spirituality to awaken mankind. Peace

    • marcome says:

      Thanks very much Mike! I sure hope this information will come out on a more common platform for humanity to learn about its magnificent powers & heritage. If we knew deeply & understood we are one, we would realize that to harm others is to harm oneself! My wishes of a blessed new week your way! Marcomé xx

      • Patrick says:

        Most humans do accept the key of life which is love but we humans are the same people who don’t make the oneness to work in us. We should extend our love to every living human soul no matter who we are christian or other religious practitioners even among our tribes.

  4. Great post@ The mystics have always hinted at the one in everything. I discuss this in several of my articles. It is time for true spirituality to awaken us all.

  5. Gabriella says:

    For some reason I came here and I have to say thank you… this was a definite uplifting experience for me. I of all people “right now” needed to watch this video and read your words. Merçi, Grazie, Thank you

    • marcome says:

      Grazie Mille! I’m happy you found this uplifting, I fell in love with this and needed to share the good news! We are overwhelmed with so many information which is quite often tinted with negativity…I feel the good news should come out more! Tks! Marcomé

  6. Tomas says:

    Thank you. I love how easily your words shifted my thoughts from the modern worry for survival to the pure joy of recognition oneself in other. Thank you, dear friend.

  7. The natural law, was so fascinating, I’m so glad I found your blog this is a beautiful video and the theory so true will we end our time here and the earth continue to move forward.

    Dorothy from grammology

  8. mike says:

    This is a very inspirational article. I am also into spirituality and oneness.

  9. Terrebel says:

    Very true! For example: It’s okay to cut down a tree but in order to maintain the balance one should be planted as well. Unfortunately many people believe they have every right to take and seldom give. But awaraness is rising -thanks to people like you. Keep up the good work and have an inspiring 2010!

    • marcome says:

      Thanks for your kind sharing sweet Man! I take this opportunity to wish you a fulfilling new year! May it be filled with more love, health and hope of a better world! Marcomé xx

  10. Theodore says:

    Beautiful video. Reminded me of the sacredness of all life and we are all interconnected. Also reminded me of the the effects for our thoughts/actions on the whole. Thanks for posting this video.


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