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There is much misunderstanding about the term “new age,” whether referring to religion, lifestyle or a music genre.  You don’t necessarily have to engage in typical “new age practices” like yoga, acupuncture or alternative medicine to embrace a lifestyle that may be considered new age.  Living with integrity is perhaps the easiest way to tap into inner peace, which truly is the foundation of the movement.

Living with Integrity (image from global integrity on Flickr)

Living with Integrity (image from global integrity on Flickr)

What is integrity? In its simplest form, integrity is when your actions match your core beliefs.  For example, if you are concerned about global climate change, you reduce your consumption and recycle as much as possible, while minimizing your energy usage.  Or, if you think gossiping is a malicious habit, you do not engage when presented with the opportunity.  In order to help you live with greater integrity, write down a list of the things that matter the most to you, particularly focusing on character traits.  Are you living in a way that is consistent with that which you admire?

You can achieve inner peace (image from SLR Jester on Flickr)

You can achieve inner peace (image from SLR Jester on Flickr)

You can achieve inner peace by living with integrity.  If you have also been wondering, “what is new age,” then you can get a meaningful glimpse by focusing on integrity.  New age practices require no more than that simple approach.

Wikipedia has this to say about living with integrity:

The etymology of the word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete).  In this context, integrity may comprise the personal inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from (say) honesty and consistency of character. As such, one can judge that others “have integrity” to the extent that one judges whether they behave according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.

Sounds a bit deep, but really, its not too difficult.  When you consider ‘integrity” in light of the popular Wikipedia definition of new age, it all starts to piece together:

The New Age (also known as the New Age Movement, New Age spirituality, and Cosmic Humanism) is a decentralized Western social and spiritual movement that seeks “Universal Truth” and the attainment of the highest individual human potential. It combines aspects of cosmology, astrology, esotericism, alternative medicine, music, collectivism, sustainability, and nature. New Age spirituality is characterized by an individual approach to spiritual practices and philosophies, while rejecting religious doctrine and dogma.

In short, both integrity and new age practices help you find the “real you.”  That is, the person that you are, and are meant to be.  New age music comes into the mix as a contemplative method through which listeners can simply be – and discover their true happiness by embracing their reality, without judgment.

New age practices are not required for you to achieve inner peace.  However, living with integrity is a necessary element.

How are you living today?

Click image to listen to Marcome's music

Click image to listen to Marcome’s music

Click image to listen to Zen Voices

Click image to listen to Zen Voices

Click image to listen to Seven Seas

Click image to listen to Seven Seas

Click image to listen to Ougainatso

Click image to listen to Ougainatso

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2 Responses to “New Age: Living with Integrity”
  1. nigel savage says:

    Whatever the future will say of the artist known as Marcome, it will not be that she lacked conviction or courage. It is good to see you attempt this brave work of defining “New Age Music”. From my reading you seem to be attempting to rescues it from the domain of vacuous anthropomorphisms.
    I have always recoiled in horror from the term “New age”. I have always seen it as the “Old Age” coming around again in the cycle of civilizations. It always seems to me that whether it is New Age spirituality or music, it borrows heavily on the work and understandings of ancient cultural movements. Movements such as Tibetan Buddhism or pre classical musical forms like modal polyphony, chant or indigenous tribal percussion.
    I like your definition of integrity. To me there is always a strongly personal element to integrity. I see it as an essential humanistic quality. Like all qualities, it is too elusive to precisely define. Something more fully understood in empathy. I can definitely feel or should I say hear the integrity in your music. Long may you shine.

    • marcome says:

      Dear Nigel, I appreciate your point of view! I feel that each musical genre, be it, heavy metal, trip hop, jazz, dance etc.. deserves to be seen in a proper way. Integrity as you say is a common thread in all our life. But once again, how can one evaluate the integrity of others? One could say that Death Metal (to take a drastic example) is not music. As a mastering engineer, I can say that music is music and everyone is allowed to like their own. I used to like punk music, at the time, it defined my values. Nowadays, I’m into ambient, classic, jazz and all sorts of pop musics. Most of what I like is not mainstream music. Does it make it better or worse? I feel like getting out of judging tastes, it’s insurmountable!! The most important thing is to learn to appreciate differences I guess! Love and more music to you! Marcomé

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