Marcomé: River of Soul to the Seven Seas

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As you may already know, some of the inspirations for my ambient new age music are travel, exercise, and simply enjoying life. I take the feelings I am experiencing and imagine how they sound.  When I am inspired, I translate that sensation to inspiring music.  When I am contemplative, the result may be a spiritual song.

Over the years, I have learned to allow the music composition process to unfold naturally.  It cannot be forced.  There are days where it seems like songs are practically bursting from my soul!

Recently, I was interviewed by Susan Leak of the Birmingham Music Examiner.  We talked about my new age CDs, River of Soul and Seven Seas, and my creative process.  I shared some of my dreams and the new projects I am working on.

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Thanksgiving: A Time To Reflect

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The holiday season in my part of the world starts with Thanksgiving. It is a time to gather. A time to reflect. And perhaps most importantly, a time to celebrate the abundant blessings in our lives.

Thanksgiving is generally celebrated in Canada (my home country) and the United States.  It is the biggest secular holiday all year.  We gather to feast with friends and look back at the past year.

Personally, I will be giving thanks for the amazing gifts in my life:  my family, my music, my community and my life experiences!

Thanksgiving is a time to come together and a time to look within

Thanksgiving is a time to come together and a time to look within

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Marcome’s relaxing & rejuvaneting Music Videos

Recently, I wrote about Finding Musical Inspiration…. what it is that moves me to compose my songs.  In truth, there are many influences on my songwriting.  My own music composition is different than that of other new age vocalists because I’m involved in all stages of production.

Not only do I sing, compose and play, but I am a professional sound engineer.  You might say that sound creation is my specialty.  I have described myself as “a hi-fi girl who’s into electronics!”  Can you say that about other female music artists?

Marcome's Sound Creation

Marcome’s Music Composition is like no other!

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Chilling with Ambient New Age Music

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Sometimes, I wonder if “New Age” has passed its prime, and we should just refer to the genre as ambient or new world.  But, then I think that new age music still holds special qualities that should be celebrated and honored.  Even though there may be some preconceptions with the term “New Age,” the style has evolved quite a bit since the 1960s when it first emerged on the scene.

To recognize the maturity of this genre and honor its roots,  I believe that “ambient new age music” accurately describes today’s sounds.  Yes, you’ll still hear experimental sounds and textures featuring synthesizers, acoustic and electric instruments.  But listening to this music is not the same as it was 30 or 40 years ago.

Chilling with Ambient New Age Music

Chilling with Ambient New Age Music (image from Just a Temporary Measure on Flickr)

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Spirituality for Health and Happiness: Marcomé’s Journey

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As a music artist and singer,  I dearly wish to convey my core values in an inviting & uplifting way. Spirituality became a  key to my well-being. Health and happiness are secondary- the most important is How do I accompany myself in the good, in the turmoil of life! As a vocal artist, my feelings and emotions come through my work. I have a saying: I’m the first person I wake up with, I’m the last I go bed with, better be my best friend!


Journey to spirituality, health and happiness

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