My favorite New Age Music Albums

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Back in time with my favorite new age music albums

It bubbled in my mind this weekend that I loved all kinds of New Age artists. As I was listening to music compilations I have done in the 90’s on a DAT Recorder, I discovered I hadn’t been listening to Vangelis for some time now. This great keyboardist and musician inspired my musical work as a music artist. Vangelis as a way with layering many sounds together to make one single note. The result is big fat sounding notes!
With the use of MIDI systems, this became more and more easy to produce efficient massive sounds. I particularly like songs Echoes and Come to me from the album Voices and most of the album 1492. Vangelis had me discovering Caroline Lavelle and my favorite album for her is still Spirit, which I entirely like!

Thanks to Vangelis for giving me this curiosity for a better sound.

Marcomé ♥

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3 Responses to “My favorite New Age Music Albums”
  1. Halina says:


    How interesting – I’m in a similar process – re-discovering and re-creating my old passion for New Age music, including my old/new New Age music site. This is how I came across your site – and I really enjoy what I hear. I’d like to be able to read the lyrics of the songs that you have published on YouTube. Is there any place on the web where I could view them?



    • marcome says:

      Dear Halina,
      Thanks very much for your kindness. I’m happy you are renewing your passion for new age music! The lyrics are available at . You will find both booklets of my albums with the lyrics or River of Life and Yeku. I wish you a sweet upcoming weekend and look forward to connect! Love your way,


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