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I have often been asked about where I find musical inspiration for my songs.  It is a simple enough question, but the answer is quite complex.

As an artist, I am keenly in tune with myself, and my surroundings.  In order to create the beautiful melodies you’ll hear on my albums, I literally envelope myself in nature, enjoying hiking, camping, skiing and spending time with family and friends.  I enjoy traveling, and I also allow myself just to “be,” accepting the work that flows through the foundation of my soul.

Finding Musical Inspiration each and every day

Finding Musical Inspiration each and every day

A few months ago, I sat down with Karl Stober for an interview for JazzReview.  We explored my background, my passions and from where I am inspired to create the New World music you’ll hear on Seven Seas and River of Soul.

But before we get to the interview, please take a moment to enjoy Yeku from Seven Seas.

In his review, Mr. Strober described my work as follows:

Marcomé is in the non-traditionalist form as an artist. Her musical creations license emotions to run wild, with moods to embrace the most simplistic of moments, and feeling beyond what the heart allows. Her production is both philosophical and educational, for it takes the student of the art out of the text book and into the core of the craft. From start to finish, Marcomé’s work is an opus of intimacy!

I am always grateful for such high praise!  Certainly, my work is from the heart.  I only hope that you find as much pleasure in listening, as I have creating.

I am always finding musical inspiration (image from Per Ola Wiburg on Flickr)

I am always finding musical inspiration (image from Per Ola Wiburg on Flickr)

During our hour together, we discussed life, love, my travels, my creative process, and the wonderful people in my life.  I’d like to share some of my answers to Mr. Stober’s questions about finding musical inspiration.  If you want to read more, the entire interview is published here.

JazzReview: Help us explore where the origins come from for your music. From what experiences, feelings, and hopes do your creations evolve from?

Marcomé: There are many ways in which I compose new songs, yet one of my most inspirational moments is when I’m in motion, like when I’m traveling or running or riding my bike. I watch the horizon moving like a film in my head, the clouds in the sky with the sun shining through, the trees, the birds… I also start new songs in my studio by playing with sounds and voices. I love to improvise. When I invent a wordless song, I do it on the fly; I write it down once it has been sung to be able to harmonize it. At other times, I will start singing from my heart and follow gently the feeling, get into it and explore new horizons. I seldom start with a definite emotion, but that is more of an exception. Some of my songs seem to have come to me from elsewhere. It is as if I had not composed them myself. It is my impression that I have tapped into some kind of universal and invisible current, flowing through time and space. It is hard to explain. It is as if the songs were channeled through my body, my mind, my soul rather than created by me. “Memoria” is one of those songs. As I was singing Memoria, I was attracted to a world of Gregorian chant and Latin languages. Maybe it has to do with my childhood influences and experiences in churches I used to go to. The smell of incense, the sacred, the divine, the eternal, the remembrance and the reminiscences of the past!

JazzReview: In your 2007 release of River of Soul, the common link from the first recording is nature and the relationship within oneself. Was this a deliberate attempt to intertwine the two entities in your work?

Marcomé: My family has drawn me to nature early in my childhood. We lived in a big city and when we’d go to our little camp by the river, time would stop. Silence was the main word! Without knowing why, it would later become a necessity for me to go camping every summertime and to go outdoors every day of my life. I realize now that I use my relation to nature to connect with the infinite, the universal flow and to meditate and feel better.

River visits move me to create music (image from rahuldlucca on Flickr)

River visits move me to create music (image from rahuldlucca on Flickr)

JazzReview: “Meteora” is in relation to the stunning landscape in Central Greece. Describe the work that went into the production of the piece and how this concept was birthed.

Marcomé: I love traveling. I have had the chance to go to many different places around the world. A region of Greece called The Meteora inspired this song. The Meteora is an area in Thessaly where there are monasteries on the top of rock towers. It is said that the monks were seeking a retreat from the expanding Turkish occupation and found the inaccessible rock pillars to be an ideal refuge. In my studio, I have many postcards of all my trips on my piano and one day, looking at the Meteora picture, I imagined myself gliding in a delta plane way up in the sky, flying through the suspended monasteries, the heaven above, the Meteora… Funnily, the very first thing I drafted for this song is the bass line. I had been extensively listening to my many favorite records from my ECM collection and I was fascinated with bass players. I than started hearing in my head a bass line on which I sang the melody and the rest followed.

JazzReview: Talk about the interrelation of jazz into your music. How would you define jazz?

Marcomé: I love your question. When I was a teenager I had a period where I got to discover two important record collections that were the Decca Ethnic Series and the ECM collection. I would literally spend weeks with headphones discovering and exploring news musical sounds and textures. I later on had the opportunity to work on many Montreal Jazz Festivals and got to meet with Pastorius, Marsalis, Metheny, Lyle Mays, Scofield, Piazzola, Paco Delucia, Tony Levin and so many more. It impressed me with a sense of freedom, for jazz allows the use of free forms. When I listen to jazz music, there are so many possibilities to explore that it opens up the imaginary world almost infinitely. Also, the use of different scales and rhythms brings the creative process exponentials avenues. Jazz is freedom to me, and that’s why I love it!

Jazz influences my musical style (image from yngrich on Flickr)

Jazz influences my musical style (image from yngrich on Flickr)

JazzReview: Now for a bit of fun. Let’s talk on a personal note. What does Marcome’ spin when she is at home just being herself? If you could write and produce a song on five major world events, what would they be and the titles?

Marcomé: Ambient music, Jazz, Classic, Electronic, and Pop are essentially the kinds of music I listen to. Armstrong landing on the moon; I would call the track “Euphoria.” It’s one of my dreams to go out there to get to see the earth and touch this white rock. The passage of year 2000 and I would call the song “Everything is Possible.” I had a feeling that I was a small part in the long life of this universe! The Montreal Olympic Games of 1976. I was a teenager and was overwhelmed and inspired by Nadia Comaneci’s talent, she represented, for me at the time, a model to follow. I would create something more symphonic that could be called “Summum.” Mother Theresa, Nelson Mendala, Ghandi, Jesus… All these humans showed us to pursue our goals of unconditional love and perseverance. They show me everyday to be grateful and that anything is possible if you’re passionate and have strong beliefs. I would call a song for all of them, “The Tender Warriors.”

Now that you know about about where I find my music inspiration, perhaps my music will resonate more deeply with you.  And be sure to set aside time each day to find your own beauty in the moment.  You deserve it!

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31 Responses to “Finding Musical Inspiration”
  1. Rev. Crystal says:

    I’ve been seeing your name on Twitter, but didn’t realize you were a musician! :o Now that I do, thanks for sharing the interview; I look forward to hearing and learning more!

  2. jim.dakis says:

    Hi Marcome hope all is well have agreat holiday! season best wishes Jim Dakis

  3. jim dakis says:

    Thank you Marcome!getting ready to do the hip thing trying to be positive about it will keep praying!drop aline Jim cant wait for your new stuff!

  4. jim dakis says:

    Marcome drop aline let me know how your doing has spring come to you yet? its a nice day here going to go enjoy it!Chow!Bela

    • marcome says:

      Yes it smells springtime! I’m putting the final touches to my Meditation Chants album and my son is creating the music videos. I hope to release the new CD for april! ouff! I’m sending you hopeful thoughts! Marcomé

  5. choir sheet music says:

    After reading your blog I must say that I’m a fan. Not everyone is inlove with music. Oftentimes, people find music a way to just relax but little did they know that for ever music there is always an inspiration behind it. I love music since then and it’s an epitome of life’s journey.

  6. Mark Bensette Aux Bois says:

    I am so glad to have found your site!! i really look forward to the pix , articles and all you have to offer hear, us canadians know what makes feel good!!!! Thx Mark

  7. Cassie says:

    This makes everhyting so completely painless.

  8. Antony says:

    Dear Marcomé! All the previous comments describe the great impression of your deep music world including almost all spaces like Water, Ground, Air (which is closer to mine – Gemini- and your – Aquarius – zodiac signs). It’s like wonderful poem to our world at all of its representations. It’s like you feel non-similar parts of our life as totally one substance and it’s more than nice. I’d suggest you to see using the movie magical underwater world of Palau. When i’ve watched it my eyes strongly connected to monitor because i’ve never seen such multi-forms of different colour, origin and motion. Guess that Yellowstone is also a kind of Earth Paradise. In musical sense you can also inspire with wonderful symphonies sounding at Hearts Of Space radio, i remember one edition, maybe six one, dedicated to African sounds. Anyway, only nature is the provides to our internal world so let me wish you to stay in close contact with it during all your life! Sincerely your, Antony.

    • marcome says:

      Palau is amazing wow! I did go to New Zealand and really was enchanted by the water there and the penguins! Nature does it all for me, bringing peace, harmony and inspiration. Love to you my friend. Marcomé

      • Antony says:

        I have remembered Palau during watching DEEP BLUE SEA video from Deep Forest. There’s a swimming torture at the beginning of it:-) It’s an idea to include such underwater wonders to your videos:-) hope it’ll amazing:-) But Terra Africana can be illustrated in Nigerian or Kenyan tribes’ everyday life:-) And your singing image at the front of this video:-) what do you think about such idea, my friend Marcomé?:-)

  9. Dear gal with a super smile and powerful vocals. Just did quick browse of your wonderful site and listen to clip. I searched, “new age inspirational music” on Yahoo. How I have thought to make my site so rich!
    It’s been over ten years since my cd Traveling Light became available. I want to record another. Lots a challenges keep me going at snails pace. Still I pick up guitar and sing the song………….
    Blessings to you
    John St. Pierre

  10. Front Stage says:

    Marcome, your vocal melodies are sweet, I can see where the inpiration comes from, it comes from within, and then the surroundings that are around you. Beauty and love is somehting we must feel and have inside, before we can appreciate the outer beauty, and surroundings as well.

    • marcome says:

      We all have so much more skills and beauties inside of us! it’s really time for a change of paradigms, we are gifted! The present condition of the world shows us that we have to become more connected with nature, life in every cells. Realize that we are one with this cosmic intelligence! Tks for being you! Have a creative new week! Marcomé

  11. I’m so glad I came across this entry (via a recent link from your Twitter!). The videos included are emotionally moving, yet they carry you to a place inside yourself where you can be still. That is so hard to find in my life today, with the bustling around and randomly crying baby. It is nice, when he is sleeping, to be still and listen to the virtuoso of quiet and to add your music to that recipe creates quite an experience – a necessary one!

    I love your comments about the moon landing. I am a huge fan of the space programs and space in general, most notably the moon. I find myself, since I was a small child, sitting at dusk surrounded by the warmth of summer and watching the moon appear. I look at it, letting its energy find me and flow in, and I imagine all that is beyond where I sit on the earth and how beautiful, and sometimes pretend that my soul is flying above the earth and exploring what I imagine is there…it is a sanctuary of sorts for me. I would love to see (and hear!) you produce music inspired by this. That would be such an incredible one!

  12. As all of your videos; the one “calling the soul” is very beautiful. I found myself being so relaxed and peaceful.
    Thank you so much for sharing your music and music videos with everyone. They are an inspiration.

    • marcome says:

      Thanks for your generosity Richard. I will forward this nice message to my friend in London who did this video. Without her, this music video wouldn’t exist! I wish you an exquisite week, Marcomé xx

  13. April says:

    I love how you allow everything good of life to flow through you for music and words inspirations.
    You certainly are an inspiration and keep the days in a more uplifted mood via twitter posts and your music.
    As a poetry writer, very avid in the flowing energies I believe in much a positive nature despite the rough points of life that positive STILL flows beyond it. =) Your music beautiful comfort and I am so happy I’ve encountered you Marcome, another source of inspiration in YOU!

    • marcome says:

      I’m grateful to you sweet Poet! I use music to feel better about life and I sure am really happy to read that you feel the flow of love reaching out to you! Music has been always been in my life and it’s one of my most intimate witness! be it hard, be it easy, life is full of what I need to evolve and become a more responsible human spirit…I wish you a smooth next hour! Marcomé xx

  14. I’ve been listening to the “River Of Soul” CD all week…so amazing! I haven’t had a favorite musical artist for many years, I do now; from the crafting of the multidimensional songs to the expertize of the musicianship and the professionalism in the studio; everyone involved with this production demonstrating their skills to make “River Of Soul” a beautiful piece of art.

    Though, like with “Seven Seas”, it is the soul of Marcomé that breathes life into her music, allowing the listener to enter into each song, becoming submerged in the journey. Again, like with “Seven Seas”, I never become become tired of listening to it; as a matter of fact, “River Of Soul” has been playing here all day long!

    The different musical influences are fused together so beautifully; from jazz to world to categories I have no names for…I’ll call it Marcomé-Music, because each song is stamped with her individual mark, the skill of an accomplished artist. I Love this music, and artist, dearly and emphatically. “River Of Soul” is a spiritual, sensual and musically-enlightened experience you cannot forget.

    Marcomé – Bravo!

    Brett Fletcher

  15. Luciana says:

    Hi Marcome, we just met here in Croatia (Zadar) and I wanted to tell you how amazed I am at your talent. I will spread the word to my family, I enjoyed our encounter very much. Love and more inspiration for the next cd.

  16. Hi Marcomé,

    I just learned a little more about you and your music; you do channel Nature through your art, this is what I find so healing about it. Also, your natural ability and, no doubt, the hours of discipline, effort and energy you have dedicated to your music and visuals are exhibited in your recordings and videos.

    All of these qualities are important aspects of the finished product, creating an exquisite whole: truly, you are an exceptional interpreter of what you receive from Nature…and it all comes together so beautifully. I’m blessed and comforted every time I listen to your music, as well as watch your videos.

    Thank you Marcomé, for being dedicated to your artistic integrity.



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