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Of the music in my home record collection, I find myself frequently listening to ambient music to relax, inspire or simply enrich my life.  Each song carries with it unique memories and allow for a new sense of freedom in the present.  Each time I listen, I am moved in new ways.  To slow down.  To listen.  To simply be.

I listen to ambient music to create a background to my inner world. It sometimes need to be songs that are musically airy and open, without too much lyrics in order to allow my inner voice to arise. To accompany a dinner with friends, ambient music rhythms and sounds are sometimes a more neutral ground!

Ambient Music to Enrich Your Life (image from woodleywonderworks on Flickr)

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The father of many music influences & sound design along with Robert Fripp and Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno’s music is the simplest expression of the ambient sound.  I use Eno’s music to meditate or read or to give a massage.

Brian Eno described the genre as one in which songs “induce calm and space to think.”  In other words, a listener can perhaps achieve a higher state of being by enjoying musique d’ambiance.   Eno’s 1978 album, “Ambient 1: Music for Airports,” is the first time the phrase “ambient music” was commercially used.  Today, more than 30 years later, it is one of the most popular genres, crossing generational, cultural and many other boundaries.

Ambient differs from new age music in several important respects.  The genre is more specifically focused on musical style, as it lacks the preconceptions and baggage that are often associated with a “New Age” lifestyle.  Ambient music need not be thought of as merely “soft music.”  Enthusiasts (including myself) agree that the songs are often subtle and intelligent.  Not just instrumental or techno-sounding, you can find ambient music played at both coffee shops and clubs.

Soothing music to awaken your senses (image from The Wandering Angel on Flickr)

Soothing music to awaken your senses (image from The Wandering Angel on Flickr)

I’d love to share some songs from my favorite vocal artists.  Their music ought to change your mind if you’ve been holding any assumptions!

Let’s start with Mezzanine by Massive Attack:

Air’s Moon Safari, and Morcheeba‘s Who Can You Trust? are really good ambient songs for an enjoyable dinner with my musician friends, or to warm up a chillin’ night!

Air: Moon Safari:

Morcheeba: Who Can You Trust?

When I travel in my car I love Ulrich Shnauss; it’s a musical canvas that make me feel I’m in a happy dream. My favorite album is A Strangely Isolated Place.  I can put the songs Never Be the Same, Goodbye and Einfeld in repeat for a few… kilometers! Ask my husband & son!

Although I certainly love a variety of ambient music selections, I have to admit that when my father comes to visit, I’d rather put some smooth jazz music.  Curious about my favorite jazz musicians?  You’ll have to wait for another post!

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5 Responses to “Ambient Music To Enrich Your Life”
  1. Michael says:

    Lovely music Marcome! I’d like to invite your readers to check out my music, the Bay Guitars for relaxed ambient acoustic guitar music. Keep creating.

  2. Terrence says:

    Thank you for the inspiration…I totally agree that music is a great addition to anyone’s life. Even when the piece is less brilliant…For instance: when I’m doing some houshold-chore I’m not to keen on I put on some music I find irritating at that particular time. I am only allowed by myself to switch it off when I’ve finished the job…At least it works for me. Furhermore: music can enhance a mood but can also change it abrubtly. When the radio plays a tune you last heard at a friend’s funeral for example. Or some other song you used to share with a loved one. Happy listening!


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