Natural Sleep Aides: A Brighter Tomorrow

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You probably already know that sleep is vital to your health and well-being.  When I’m well-rested, I am happier, more creative and I think my music shines a bit more brightly. Your face will show it too!  Sleep is just as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise.

I know –  it can be really frustrating trying to get natural sleep, but using aides instead of medication can help you enjoy a brighter tomorrow in the morning.  I’d like to share 10 tips I use for falling asleep.  I’ve tried hard to set a routine and stick to it, so I can be at my best every day!

Sweet slumber... the natural way!

Sweet slumber… the natural way! (image from kaibara87 on Flickr)

Animals never seem to have issues falling asleep.  So, why not learn from them how to get natural restful sleep by modeling some of their behavior.

1.  Don’t eat a meal within 2 hours of your planned bedtime.

2.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol.  If you do imbibe, remember that moderation is key.  In the last 2-3 hours before bedtime, limit yourself to cool, clear water.  De-caffeinated tea or warm milk are also healthful alternatives.

3.  Your bed should only be used for sleep.  No eating, drinking, reading or watching television.

Nothing but zzzzzzs!  (image from wwarby on Flickr)

Nothing but zzzzzzs! (image from wwarby on Flickr)

Of course, animals don’t get stressed like people do.  And stress can interfere with natural sleep rhythms.  You can minimize the effects of a busy lifestyle and hit the pillow ready to snooze when you do the following:

4.  Enjoy some relaxation music within 1 hour of bedtime.

5.  Gently stretch and/or do some yoga poses.  Meditation works, too.  Close your eyes and simply breathe deeply.

6.  Turn off all electronics (computer, television, etc.) 30 minutes before you retire for the night.

7.  Make a list of things on your agenda for the next day, or write in a journal.  Putting your thoughts down on paper gives you permission to let them go overnight, while you get some restful sleep.

8.  Try to make your bed a complete place of refuge.  Although I love incense and candles, I don’t burn them in the bedroom because the aroma can be distracting.  Likewise for soothing music.  I may unwind with a soft melody, but when its bedtime, I find that a cool, dark, quiet room is a perfect retreat at the end of the day.

9.  While it may be tempting to grab a cat nap like the adorable baby in the video above, sleeping too late in the day could disrupt your natural sleep cycle.  A power snooze of less than 30 minutes may invigorate, but more than that, and the risks outweigh benefits.

Speaking of naps, I just love this video from the “Cute animals falling asleep” series. Have you ever felt this tired?

10.  If all else fails, consider getting a medical check-up.  Some hormonal conditions can be treated pretty easily so you don’t lose sleep.  Alternatively, you may want to make some changes in your daily routine to minimize stress.  Too many hours volunteering, or staying past closing time at the office can really take its toll.  Make a list of the responsibilities you’ve taken on, and see if you can schedule more time for relaxing pursuits like photography, painting or music.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~ Ghandi

This little pooch is dog-gone tired! (image from Rombia on Flickr)

This little pooch is dog-gone tired! (image from Rombia on Flickr)

Sweet dreams!  Sleep well!

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9 Responses to “Natural Sleep Aides: A Brighter Tomorrow”
  1. Richard Retzer says:

    Thank you so much for the tips. I have found to that a good diet helps alot.
    Not too much with your last meal and getting a good breakfast and a good dinner.

  2. Thank you so much for your tips! You are truly generous! I usually get in a good swim before I go to bed and I sleep like the proverbial log!

  3. I just wanted to leave you an quick comment to thank for your blog!
    I really liked your website!!! Would you care whether I placed up an backlink from my website to your website?
    Keep up the awesome work! thanks!

  4. C... says:

    Thanks for sharing these, I’ll try some of them. I hardly ever get more than 5 good hours of sleep.

  5. Richard Retzer says:

    How cute can you get with babies falling asleep?!

  6. Very nice! My favorite is the baby falling asleep! All of these are very good tips. I have found that when I exercise, sleep comes much easier and more restful.

    • marcome says:

      Tks for your input! I feel the same. I recently had a severe sore throat and I stopped jogging a 2 sleep became really bad! My most important trick is physical activity, I guess it depends on your metabolism! Have a great new day! Marcomé

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